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    • Format type : Android, iOS, Online
    • Language of resources : English
    • Level : Beginner
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    • Skill : Vocabulary, Writing

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    2 reviews for Duolingo – the world’s largest online language learning platform

    1. nilya@gmx.de
      2 out of 5

      I dont really like duolingo. I mean, it's maybe a fun start into learning a new language, and easy to learn the first few words. But it will never be enough to actually be able to speak or master the language. I also find it annoying that the program has more exercises to translate things to your native language than to the language you are learning. I find that's more important. And the part where it asks you to read something out loud to check your pronunciation is a joke. Even if a native speaker reads out the sentence, it marks it as wrong. I don't really recommend it. My mom loves it though (for reaaaaaaaally basic english). So maybe just my opinion.

    2. kamil.kovalczyk@gmail.com
      4 out of 5

      I tried many times to follow duolingo way of study. It is kind of effortless way of studying, but for me in long term is just simply too boring.

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